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Buy Shelf Company in the Philippines

Buy Shelf Company in the Philippines

Foreign investors who want to do business in the Philippines have several choices in terms of structures which can be used to setting up their companies. From simple sole proprietorships to joint stock companies which are the equivalent of limited liability companies in other countries. However, the Philippines company registration process is not as simple, which is why shelf companies are created and put at the disposal of those interested in spending less time with the incorporation process of another business form.

Our company formation specialists in the Philippines have shelf companies which can be purchased by clients.

You can also watch the video below for information on how to buy a shelf company in the Philippines:

​Shelf companies for sale in the Philippines

The shelf company is a company which was already registered, however it has no previous economic activity and can be purchased by those who want to start doing business in the Philippines right away.

Foreign enterprisers can choose the Filipino shelf companies they want to purchase based on several characteristics such as the age of the company – a shelf company can be newly-incorporated, or it can be several years old. Shelf companies in the Philippines usually take the form of joint stock corporations and have bank accounts and VAT numbers.

Our Philippines company formation consultants can assist in choosing the right type of shelf company if you have decided to buy one.

How to buy a shelf company in the Philippines

Once decided that the shelf company is the best option, it is best to discuss with our Philippines company registration agents about your options. Then, our advisors will prepare the paperwork related to the purchase of the shelf company in Philippines. The document to be signed is the sale-purchase agreement.
The buyer must also pay attention to the next steps after the company has been purchased. These steps imply changing the name of the shareholders and directors, as well as amending the shelf company’s Articles of Association. All changes must be reported with the Trade Registrar in the Philippines.

If you want to buy a shelf company in the Philippines, our local consultants can present you with a personalized offer. You can also contact us if you are interested in starting a new business in the Philippines.