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Establish a Hotel in the Philippines

Establish a Hotel in the Philippines

Tourism is one of the most important branches of the Philippines’ economy. Foreign investors who come here can choose among the several types of businesses which bring good profits. Among these, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants are the best performing.

Those interested in setting up hotels in the Philippines must respect the provisions of the Hotel Code. Below, our company formation agents in the Philippines explain the requirements for opening a hotel here.

We can also provide details about immigration to Philippines to those foreign investors interested in this step.

The Philippines Hotel Law

The Hotel Code is the most important law providing for the requirements related to opening an accommodation establishment in the Philippines. According to it, accommodation establishments are divided into:

  • hotels;
  • resorts;
  • inns;
  • pension houses;
  • motels.

Out of these hotels are the frequently met in the Philippines and one of the preferred choices of tourists.

Hotels are classified into:

  • economy class accommodations;
  • standard class accommodations;
  • first class accommodations;
  • de luxe class hotels.

Our Philippines company registration advisors can offer more information on the Hotel Code.

Our immigration lawyers in Philippines will give you details about the residence permit for foreign investors.

Requirements to register a hotel in the Philippines

The first step to open a hotel in the Philippines is to register a company with the Business Register. Once the company is registered and premises is ready, it must undergo accreditation from the local municipalities and the Department of Tourism.

The following documents must be submitted with the Department in order to have an accredited hotel in the Philippines:

  • an application form which must be filed in a duplicate form;
  • a certified copy of the company’s Articles of Association and bylaws;
  • information about the shareholders, directors and employees of the hotels;
  • the license issued by the municipal authorities.

Following the application, the Philippines hotel will be subject to an inspection from the Department of Tourism. Once the certificate of accreditation is issued, it must be displayed in a highly visible place.

Foreign hotel owners will need to follow the requirements for legally staying in the country. These can be detailed by our immigration lawyers in Philippines.

For full information on the legal requirements for opening a hotel in the Philippines, please feel free to contact our local representatives. We can also assist with the company registration procedure of the Philippines company.

Our team is also able to answer questions about immigration to Philippines.