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Change the Registered Office of Your Company in Philippines

Change the Registered Office of Your Company in Philippines

Starting a business in the Philippines implies completing various steps, among which one of the most important is related to finding a suitable legal address for the company. Having a registered address is a mandatory condition for company registration in the Philippines, however, in order to speed up the incorporation procedure foreign investors can also use a virtual office in order to meet the requirements imposed by the local laws.

Once the company is registered, a change in the business’ legal address is possible based on a few steps which need to be completed with the Philippines authorities.

Below, our company formation agents in the Philippines explain how to change the registered address of your company. We can also assist with the procedure of changing the legal address, as well as other company details in the Philippines.

We also offer services to those who wish to immigrate to Philippines.

The legal address of a business in the Philippines

Having a registered address is mandatory when setting up a company in the Philippines, no matter if the business owner is a local or foreign investor. Also, the registered address principle applies to both Philippines-owned and foreign-owned companies, such as branch offices.

According to the local legislation, a Philippines company’s registered address:

  • must be selected before the company is incorporated with the Business Registrar in the country;
  • must be written in the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • the complete address with street name, number, barangay, and city must be filed with the Business Register;
  • the legal address must represent the primary point of contact of a company for the authorities in the Philippines;
  • a company can have secondary addresses registered for the activities of the business (factories, offices).

The registered address must appear on all official documents issued by the company, including on its seal. This is why when changing the legal address of a Filipino company, there are several aspects to consider.

You can find out more about the legal address requirements when opening a business from our Philippines company registration specialists.

Our immigration lawyers in Philippines will give you details if you are a foreign national who wishes to open a company.

Our team also assists foreign investors with other issues such as obtaining a permanent residence visa. This is possible if the foreign investor is the citizen of a country that offers the same permanent residency rights and immigration privileges to citizens of the Philippines. Our team can give you more details about the general requirements if you wish to immigrate to Philippines.

When can a Philippines company change its registered address?

There are several reasons under which a company in the Philippines is entitled to change its legal address. Among these, a temporary address can be changed prior to the expiration of the date on the contract signed between the tenant (the company) and the realtor. A company can also change its registered address in case it moves its seat from one Filipino city or region to another one.

Based on the motives of changing the company’s registered address, the procedure to be completed will imply a more complex or simple procedure. When changing the registered address of a Filipino company within the same city or region, the procedure is quite simple. When changing the legal address of the business in another region, a more complex procedure must be followed.

Our company registration advisors in the Philippines can help you change the registered address of your business, no matter the complexity of the process.

Steps for changing the registered address of a company in the Philippines

When changing the legal address of a company with another one in the same city, the only procedure to compete refers to notifying the Business Register about the change and altering the company’s General Information Sheet. The change must be reported within 15 days after entering into effect.

When it comes to changing a company’s registered address by moving the company to another Philippines city in another region, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. the amendment of the company’s Articles of Association will be the first step;
  2. the company must then de-register with the Barangay in the city it currently operates;
  3. the company must also file a request for retiring with the city hall in the city it is registered;
  4. the company will then file for Barangay clearance in the region it will operate from then onwards;
  5. the company must also apply for a new business permit with the authorities it has moved to;
  6. the Filipino company must amend its General Information Sheet and obtain a new seal;
  7. the company must also transfer its old files from the Regional District Office to the new one.

This type of change in the registered address of your company in the Philippines can take up to 2 months.

During this time, our immigration lawyers in Philippines can assist you in applying for a residence permit if you wish to stay in the country for business purposes.

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If you need assistance in changing the legal address of your company in the Philippines, please contact us.

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