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Establish a Plumbing Business in the Philippines

Establish a Plumbing Business in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country where both small and large businesses can thrive. Those with professional qualifications can open small businesses for offering various services, such as plumbing, air conditioning repair and so on.

Opening a plumbing business in the Philippines is not complicated and does not imply applying for any special permit or license for completing such activity, however, the businessman will be required to comply with certain regulations if he is a foreign citizen.

Our company formation consultants in the Philippines can help foreign investors who want to set up plumbing companies.

Philippines company formation requirements for a plumbing business

The first law to be respected when starting a plumbing company in the Philippines is the Company Law which provides for the requirements related to registering a business in this country. Foreign investors will be subject to additional requirements when starting such business, among which we remind the following:

  •           a foreign citizen is required to apply for a work or residence permit when living in the Philippines;
  •           the investor can register a corporation, a partnership or a sole proprietorship in the Philippines;
  •           no matter the type of structure employed, the company must register for taxation and employment purposes;
  •           a business license issued by the mayor’s office in the city the plumbing business will operate is necessary.

Foreign citizens opening plumbing companies in the Philippines can take local qualification courses in order to attract more clients. They can rely on our company registration services in the Philippines for creating a plumbing business.

Why open a plumbing company in the Philippines?

Foreign investors who want to open companies in the Philippines can decide for a plumbing company which can be created with a rather low amount of money. The company does not need to be large and the business owner does need to rent a large office space for providing plumbing services.

Also, a Philippines plumbing company can be set up in small towns or large cities in the country and can service both residential and commercial clients.

Opening a business can also mean that the founder of the company is considering permanent residency in the country. In order to move to the Philippines permanently, the applicant needs to be the citizen of a country that has signed an immigration reciprocity agreement with the Philippines. Relocation is also an option when married to a Filipino citizen.

For assistance in opening a plumbing business in the Philippines, please contact our local consultants.

Plumbing companies can work with our accountants in Philippines when they wish to make sure that they comply with the current tax payment and filing requirements, as well as the annual requirements for submitting the tax return. Our services focus on bookkeeping, tax planning, and preparation, however, we also offer advisory services to companies across all industries.