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Virtual Office in the Philippines

Virtual Office in the Philippines

Opening a company in the Philippines comes with several hassles. From choosing the right location to registering the business and obtaining the necessary licenses to be able to operate, a foreign investor must do his homework before coming to the Philippines. However, as the world around us develops at a quite fast pace, there are all sorts of options which now allow for cheap and effective solutions which resolve, at least partially, the company registration process in the Philippines.

One of these solutions is the Philippines virtual office. This type of office includes various services which can be tailored according to the needs and budget of an entrepreneur who wants to start a business in the Philippines. Our company formation agents in the Philippines offer virtual office services.

We also offer services for immigration to Philippines.

You can find out how to buy virtual office services in the Philippines from the video below:

What is a Philippines virtual office?

The virtual office or even virtual address is actually a physical location used as a business address by companies in the Philippines. The virtual office can be used as a mailing office where mail can be collected and forwarded to another address. The virtual offices in the Philippines are usually located in renowned business centers.

Our Philippines company formation specialists can offer more information on the virtual office offered as part of our services.

A foreign national who wishes to remain in the Philippines to run his company that operates via virtual office can apply for a permanent resident visa, however, he will be subject to certain conditions and it is important to determine if the applicant’s country of origin has signed an immigration agreement with the Philippines. You can reach out to us for more information if you want to immigrate to the Philippines.

 Virtual office packages in the Philippines

Purchasing a virtual office in the Philippines is quite simple, however, in most cases, it comes as a tailored service offered by specialized companies. Our Philippines company registration consultants provide the following virtual office services:

  •           a local phone number with messaging and answering and forwarding services;
  •           a mailing address, which can be used for the purposes explained above;
  •           a virtual secretary who can take and forward messages and answer phone calls;
  •           e-mail answering and/or forwarding services are also available for our customers ;
  •           conference rooms, on request – prior booking with our agents is required.

As mentioned above, the Philippines virtual office services offered by our local agents can be personalized according to the client’s requests and budget and can include other services.

Our immigration lawyers in Philippines can answer the questions of foreign entrepreneurs who wish to open a company in the country and use a virtual office.

FAQ on the virtual office services in the Philippines

1.      Is it hard to obtain a virtual office in the Philippines?
No, it is not. In fact, you just need to contact our consultants and let them know the services you want to be integrated into your virtual office package.
2.      How long does it take to buy virtual office services here?
The purchase procedure can be completed as soon as you meet with our agents and sign the services contract.
3.      How soon can I start using the virtual office after buying the service?
The Philippines virtual office service will be ready to use as soon as you sign the contract.
4.      Can I use the virtual office as an address when opening a company in the Philippines?
Yes, the virtual office can be used as a legal address when opening a company in the Philippines.
5.      How much does a virtual office cost in the Philippines?
The cost of the virtual office depends on where it is located, and the services attached to it, but we remind you that all offers are personalized.

Do not hesitate to contact us no matter if you need virtual office or company registration services in the Philippines.

You can also contact us if you wish to know more about the options for immigration to Philippines.