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Open a Shop in the Philippines

Open a Shop in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most competitive economies in Southeast Asia and thanks to the legislation related to foreign direct investments enabled by the government, this country has become very appealing to foreign entrepreneurs.

Small towns, as well as large cities in the Philippines, provide for numerous business opportunities and those who do not dispose of large amounts of money can open various types of shops.  Among these are retail stores that sell all types of products or specific shops which sell locally manufactured goods which can be very successful.

Those who want to start a business by opening a shop can rely on our Philippines company formation agents for guidance.

Company registration when opening a shop in the Philippines

Foreign entrepreneurs can open small neighborhood shops or large retail companies depending on the capital willing to invest. Both types of stores can be equally successful based on their location, the access to customers and the products sold here.

The registration of the company used for selling products is the same as for any other type of business in the Philippines and foreigners can employ the limited liability company in order to perform their activities.

Our company registration advisors in the Philippines can assist with the incorporation of the chosen business form for your local shop.

Business permits when opening a shop in the Philippines

There are two categories of licenses required when opening a company in the Philippines. The first category is related to the company as a commercial entity and implies:

  •           the permit issued by the mayor of the city the company will operate in;
  •           the sanitary permit issued by the local agricultural and veterinary office;
  •           the fire permit issued by the local police force in the city the company is opened;
  •           the Barangay Clearance which must be obtained when the company is registered.

The special category of licenses implies specific business permits for selling goods in the Philippines shop. These can include import permit for imported goods and special licenses for selling drinks and tobacco products.

If you want to open a retail store in the Philippines and need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Do you own a shop or plan on opening one? You can rely on the services provided by our team of Philippines accountants who focus on operational bookkeeping, tax filing and payment, payroll, tax planning, audit, tax consulting, and more. Outsourced accounting is a common practice that allows business owners to make sure that their company remains fully compliant.

Foreign nationals who want to move to the Philippines should keep in mind that special conditions apply for this purpose. Immigration is permitted to foreign nationals of countries that have a diplomatic relation with the Philippines and grants the same rights to Filipino citizens. Our team specializing in relocation and immigration matters can give you more details.