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Immigrate to Philippines from UK

Immigrate to Philippines from UK

In order to immigrate to Philippines from UK, a British national will need apply for an immigrant visa, which is suitable for those foreign nationals who intend to remain in the country permanently. The immigrant visa type will depend on the chose purpose of stay, be it employment, business, or study.

Moving to the Philippines from the UK allows individuals to discover not only the stunning beaches, and rich culture, but also to enjoy the friendly people in the Philippines and the affordable cost of living.

If your relocation is based on company formation in the Philippines, our team will not only assist you with business registration but also with the mandatory steps that will allow you to reside in the country.

Visa requirements and process

To enter the Philippines from the UK you will not need a visa for short-term stays (no more than 30 days). However, for purposes linked to a medium to long-term stay, a foreign national will need a visa, but a residence permit, which allows the holder to remain in the country for longer periods.

A residence permit can be awarded for employment (for those who secure employment with a Philippines company) intra-company transfers, business purposes for those who are interested in company formation in Philippines, study, or family reunification.

Please keep in mind that each type of permit requires supporting documentation, as well as general documents, such as the applicant’s valid passport, proof of accommodation and income (in some cases), police clearance, along documents that may differ on a case-by-case basis.

Issues to consider when you move to Philippines from UK

Moving to a new country comes with important new opportunities, but also with the need to become accustomed to a new culture, largely different from the British one.

When you decide to immigrate to the Philippines from UK, you should be mindful of the following key topics:

  • Living costs: the cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower than in the UK; housing and utilities are cheaper, as well as transportation and food; healthcare is also less expensive;
  • Insurance: the Philippines has a mix of public and private healthcare systems; British nationals who move here can enrol in the national insurance program or opt for private insurance;
  • Education: for UK nations relocating to the Philippines with their children an important step will also be researching to find a suitable school, high school, or kindergarten; International schools offer British, American, or international curriculum;
  • A new culture: British nationals will need to learn the language and embrace the local customs and traditions; keeping an open mind and being aware of the cultural differences is important.

Our immigration specialists can give you personalised information about pension from the UK if you decide to retire abroad.

UK residents living in the Philippines will be taxed as residents unless they meet the requirements that make them non-residents. An individual looking to immigrate to the Philippines from UK will be one who intends to remain in the country for the duration of the taxable year and, as such, he or she will be taxed at the following rates:

  • 0% for income of up to PHP 250,000 (approx. 3,600 GBP);
  • 15% for income between PHP 250,001 and PHP 400,000 (approx. 3,600 GBP and 5,760);
  • 35% for income of over PHP 8,000,000 (approx. 115,200 GBP).

Please keep in mind that the personal income tax rates are progressive from 0% to 35% and other rates also apply according to the individual’s monthly income. Our accountant in Philippines can give you more information about individual taxation.  

If you are ready to move to the Philippines from UK, our local team will provide you with the needed assistance throughout the key relocation steps. You can also reach out to us if you would like to relocate from a different country or if you are an employer looking to relocate personnel to Philippines.

Contact us for immigration assistance if you are a British national or if you have questions about all matters related to company formation.

Our local experts can help you not only with company creation but also with setting up a branch in the Philippines.