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Company Formation in Quezon City

Company Formation in Quezon City

With a rich history and culture, Quezon City is the most populated city in the Philippines. Located in the National Capital Region, Quezon City is located near the capital Manila. As a matter of fact, Quezon City was the capital city of the Philippines between 1948 and 1976.

Nowadays, Quezon City is one of the most important cities in the country with several industries having the largest contribution to the Philippines’ economy.

There are many investment opportunities in this city and if you are considering starting a business in the Philippines, Quezon City could be a good place for a company. Below, our agents explain how you can open a company in Quezon City. We also offer company formation services in Quezon City, so if you have any questions, we invite you to talk to our advisors.

The most important industries to open a business in Quezon City

Those who want to open a company in the Philippines and decide for Quezon City can invest in one of the largest industries in the country, not only in this city.

Quezon City is known for its significant contribution to the Philippines’ economy through industries like:

  1.           wholesale and retail which also employs one of the largest portions of the population in this area;
  2.           manufacturing is another important industry which has a great contribution to the economy;
  3.           construction and real estate is one of the most developed economic sectors in Quezon City;
  4.           the services industry represents one of the most important sources of income for the people of Quezon City;
  5.           accommodation – located near the capital, Quezon City attracts many local and foreign tourists;
  6.           the food sector is represented by the restaurants and catering businesses operating in Quezon City.

Our Philippines company formation specialists can help you set up a company in Quezon City in any of the industries mentioned above.

Business forms available in Quezon City

Under the Company Law, there are several business forms which can be registered in the Philippines, therefore in Quezon City. Among these, sole traders, partnerships and limited liability companies are the most popular types of structures among local businessmen.

Foreign investors usually choose to open limited liability companies in Quezon City as this type of structure offers them better protection and has very few registration requirements. The private or non-stock corporation is preferred by foreign investors because the minimum share capital for starting such a business is 5,000 PHP (which is less than 100 EUR).

If you need company formation services in Quezon City, you can rely on our consultants in the Philippines for assistance.

The company registration procedure in Quezon City

Through the local office of the Trade Register in Quezon City, both local and foreign entrepreneurs can open companies. They need to prepare and file the following documents for company formation in Quezon City:

  •           the company’s statutory documents need to be drafted and notarized before being filed;
  •           copies after the identification papers of the shareholders also need to be prepared;
  •           a company name must be reserved prior to filing the documents with the Companies Registrar;
  •           the shareholders need to appoint the company manager(s) and submit their personal information;
  •           the company must also register for taxation, VAT, pension and social security purposes.

Investors could be interested in knowing that Quezon City is home to the Bureau of Internal Revenue and to the Social Security System.

You can rely on our Philippines company formation experts for assistance in registering a company in Quezon City.

Our accountants in Philippines provide complete services to locally registered companies. You can rely on our team for bookkeeping (including the management of accounts payable and receivable, invoicing), bank account reconciliation, monthly accounting along with preparing and submitting the annual financial statements, and more. You can reach out to us for more information.

Why open a company in Quezon City?

Those interested in company formation in the Philippines have many reasons to choose Quezon City to place their businesses. One should know that Quezon City is currently home not only to some of the most important governmental agencies as seen above but also to many international companies in the business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT sectors.

The geographical location of Quezon City makes it a great transportation hub which offers access to various parts of the country through highways and railways.

Real estate properties in Quezon City have a high market value because of their location and the access they offer to the capital city of Manila.

Made of people from all over the world, Quezon City is one of the best cities for expats in the Philippines. It is also one of the cities offering high living standards.

If you want to move to the Philippines and live in Quezon city, our team can help you with information about the permanent residence permit and the conditions you need to observe in order. It is important to note that only citizens of countries which have signed a reciprocity agreement with the Philippines can apply for permanent residency and ultimately immigrate to this country.

If you are interested in company formation in Quezon City, please feel free to contact our representatives in the Philippines who can handle the incorporation procedure on your behalf.